At Southern Access Capital there is a list of over 60 coverages to choose from. Our role as a premium finance company is to let Independent Agents focus on writing polices. While the main priority for Southern Access is to offer payment plans for agency bill customers to purchase the desired insurance policy.

Financing Terms and Billing

With the use of our services Agents can give customers flexible payment plans and monthly billing services. Depending on a customer’s needs we will offer several standard terms. Once the terms have been selected and account is set up customers have multiple ways to make a payment. A Southern Access customer support member will send out the billing notices and assist customers with making payments on time. The following are a list of standard terms:

  • 25% down payment and 9 monthly installments
  • 25% down payment and 3 quarterly installments
  • 50% down payment and 1 semiannual installment

Premium Finance

Our goal is to help agents write more business by making it easier for customers to purchase and easily pay for coverage. With Southern Access Capital’s experience as premium finance lender we can help build relationships with all parties listed on the policy.

Connect with us or schedule a conversation for additional information by calling 1-800-806-1244 or email