Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions about account management and how our process works.
Our cloud-based software allows users to view, manage, and add policies or endorsements with monthly payment. A member from the Southern Access Capital team is available to answer questions regarding the online services.

Premium Finance Questions

What is premium financing?

It is the process of financing an insurance policy. Like how someone finances a home or vehicle. A down payment is required and remaining balance is spread out over equal monthly installments.

What is Interest Rate vs. APR?

Interest Rate refers to the annual cost of a loan as a percentage. APR includes fees along with annual cost of loan as a percentage.

What industries do you serve?

A few of the industries we serve are Transportation, Logging, Staffing, Municipalities, Construction, Small Business, Restaurants and Bars.

Are there any restrictions on the location of clients?

We are licensed in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Louisiana.

Can you provide references from existing clients?

Yes, we are happy to connect Agents and Brokers.

Customer Questions

Where is my account login information?

Your customer login information can be found at the top of Notice of Acceptance and on billing statements.

What is the portfolio code for Mobile Logins?


Where do I send a signed Finance Agreement?

Customers will return the signed copy back to the agent, who will then send a copy of the agreement to Southern Access Capital.

What does my policy cover?

Any questions regarding your policy’s coverage should be directed to your Agent.

What happens if a payment is returned for any reason?

It will be a default. There is a fee for handling a returned (unpaid) check.

How can I make a payment?

We offer several ways of paying insurance premiums monthly, and accept credit cards, checks, and e-payments.

Is there a fee for E-payments?

Yes, they vary depending on check or credit card.

Are there any penalties for paying off premium early?

No, an early payoff is prorated.

What is the cancellation policy for nonpayment?

Final Cancellation Notices are sent 15 days past the monthly due date

Can a policy be reinstated?

Yes, only your insurance company can REINSTATE a policy. Contact your agent to determine if insurance coverage is in force and will be continued.

Agent Questions

How do I reset my password?

Password resets are sent to the email on file with the account.

How do I check on the status of an insured’s account?

Account status may be found online. Additionally, you may call 1-800-806-1244 or email

Is a credit card down payment accepted?

Yes, the credit card processing fee will apply.

Can down payments be drafted?

Yes, please send in a signed Authorization Form or post E-payment.

How to obtain a copy of a Notice of Acceptance, Cancellation or Reinstatement Notice?

These notices are found under the documents section.

How to request a finance agreement?

Please email a copy of the policy quote and a representative will send back a finance agreement.

Do endorsements require a down payment?

Yes, endorsements require sufficient down payment like the original premium.

How to postpone cancellation of a policy?

There is an option to place up to a 5 day cancelation hold on accounts.

How to change the billing method?

This can be done online under the terms section of the account or send us an email.

Do you need a voided check to set up ACH monthly drafts?


Southern Access Capital is consistently working with clients to improve their insurance payment options. Our premium finance services are competitive, and clients continue to see results. For more information or if you have any other questions about our premium finance services, contact us by email or call 1-800-806-1244.