We work with clients to provide funding needed for Insurance Policies.

Insureds want options when carriers require payment up front. That’s why agents turn to Southern Access Capital, because we proved flexible solutions for paying insurance premiums monthly.


Founded by Frank and John Petrusnek in 2014, Southern Access is a privately owned and operated premium finance company and provides billing services, specializing in property and casualty insurance. It started when, Frank, needed financing for a worker’s compensation policy and was looking for more flexibility when there was not a payment plan available. That problem is what lead to the formation of Southern Access Capital.

Since the first policy we have expanded to help other businesses and individuals in three states, and we are constantly adapting to fill gaps in the insurance market. What we have found along the way is that it is all about the PEOPLE you meet. Every client is as unique as their fingerprint along with their premium finance needs. We look forward to meeting new people and creating long term relationships.


Southern Access is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. With a local presence we have a great understanding of the marketplace and this allows us to accommodate customer’s needs. Clients can expect industry leading solutions whether you are a Customer, Agent, or MGA.

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Choosing a premium finance company is a major decision. After all, the premium finance company plays an important role in the insurance purchasing process, bringing together all parties listed on a policy.

We offer competitive rates with flexible terms, and our user-friendly site makes account management and payment transactions simple and fast. Our dedicated team is always ready to help with prompt service for agencies and customers. No automated attendant or layered voicemail– local people, ready to answer your questions. As individuals and organizations grow, we understand the need to manage cost and place emphasis on service.

Our service allows unique opportunities when customers need to find additional resources for the desired amount of insurance coverage. While service for customers is a crucial piece of our offerings, Southern Access offers benefits to agencies including reduced billing expenses, increased annual retention, and saving time. 

We believe in helping clients get to market

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